Frequently asked questions

1. Why social media?

Statistics show that over 55% of the world’s population already uses the Internet, of which active social media profiles already have almost 70% of users in Europe in the 18-65 age group – the number is still growing. Thanks to professional company profiles in social media, you can easily reach potential customers and offer them your services or products, additionally by building lasting relationships with recipients and awareness of the brand’s existence.

2. I keeping busieness accounts on social media expensive?

It is not expensive, we offer you professional management of company profiles in social media from 299 EUR per month, and as part of the selected package you gain the protection of your company profiles, including moderation of comments, cyclical advertising campaign on the designated area, creating professional graphics for posts, copywriting and activity reports. You can choose from more advanced packages that will give you more options.

3. Is it possible to acquire foreign clients?

Yes, if you serve foreign clients or you want to acquire a foreign customer and build brand awareness in other countries, we can successfully develop a communication strategy and lead your company’s profiles on foreign markets. This is a custom option.

4. Is it possible to reach selected groups of recipients?

Yes, sponsored posts campaigns are run in an advanced advertising manager, which gives great opportunities to target different groups of users, including geographic, demographic, education, occupation or interests.

5. How are company profiles maintained?

We approach each client individually – depending on the industry in which you operate and the profile and methods of your business, we will develop and select the right and best strategy for your company in social media. We will develop a communication method to maximize user engagement. Thanks to our experience, you can be calm – we will run your company’s profiles in an efficient and effective way, and every month you will receive a report on the activities carried out and user involvement statistics.

6. After what time are the first effects of social media activities?

A lot depends on whether you already have active company profiles on social media or if you want to start your business – time can be varied. If we start the work from scratch, it depends on the option selected, but usually we need a few months for the profiles to start “live” and for users to engage and interact. If we start work on a working company profile, it is easier because thanks to the active community, the activities are much faster.

7. Can I run remarketing campaigns on Facebook?

Yes, to run remarketing campaigns, you need to create a Facebook pixel whose code is included in the website code. This allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited a company website.

8. Can campaigns aimed at establishing contacts with clients be conducted on Facebook?

Yes, you can create campaigns to get contacts from users, with appropriate consents to contact by phone, email or text message. All campaigns conducted by #Social_Group meet the requirements of the RODO.

9. How do you look after LinkedIn profiles?

LinkedIn is a professional portal where the best way to reach and acquire customers is to build a network of contacts in target groups, content marketing and paid campaigns that acquire contacts. First, we set a strategy for conducting activities, i.e. types of posts, advertisements, publications, we plan and design a graphic design, a video, and then we conduct actions according to set schedules. While conducting the activities, we propose changes, if after analyzing the actions we draw conclusions that we can achieve greater effectiveness after the implementation of new ideas.

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